Brook Bobo, DVM

Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker is the office manager at CVC, but you can also find her helping out in the exam rooms or at the front desk. She has been at the clinic since it opened 5 years ago. She was born & raised in Alabama but has been a resident of Leake County for 13 years. She is married to Taylor Parker & together they have 4 kids: Bailey, Adalyn, Emmie Claire, & Aiden. She attends Pine Grove Church in Edinburg, MS, where she serves on the Children’s Arts Ministry team & the worship team. She has 3 dogs (Abbie Gail, Dallas, & Maggie) & 3 cats (Barbie, Baby Kitty, & Pandie). In her spare time away from the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her family at home.

Kayla Richards

Kayla Richards is one of our Veterinarian Technicians here at CVC. She has been with us since we opened 5 years ago. Since she was a little girl animals have always been a huge part of her life. She use to compete in rodeos, now she competes in dog shows. In her spare time she boards,trains, and shows American Bullies. She currently owns 4 of them, Nova, Tank, Teeter, and Mopar. She also has an Aussiedoodle named Toby, who you may see sometimes at the clinic. She enjoys camping and mud riding with her boyfriend, Ryan, and their friends.

Kari Freeny McGee

Kari Freeny McGee, our groomer, graduated from Carthage High School. She went on to get her bachelors degree in Music Business, but decided that her passion was more for animals. She’s been grooming for over 5 years now. She is the founder & president of our local 501c3 non-profit rescue organization, Remo’s Rescue. Be sure to like them on facebook! They depend solely on donations & fosters. From Leake & surrounding counties, they have saved & rehomed over 600 dogs. The majority of them are adopted out through other rescue organizations located in the northeastern US. Kari was raised in Carthage & now resides in Madden with her husband, Zach, & their daughter, Izzie.

Beth Davidson

Beth Davidson is one of the two kennel technicians that we have on staff here at CVC. Beth has over a year & a half experience in the veterinary field, but her life has always been surrounded by animals, both small & large. Beth is the daughter of Jon & Amanda Davidson & she has a little brother, Nate. Her family together owns a farm of 8 dogs, 2 cats, 4 chicken houses, & about 100 head of cattle. Beth also just started her senior year at Sebastopol Attendance Center. After she graduates, she plans to attend Mississippi State University to pursue her own dreams of becoming a veterinarian. When she isn’t at work or at home, she is representing her school as the cheer mascot, Bobby the Bobcat, & keeping stats for the Sebastopol baseball team.

Mackenzie Spears-Moore

Mackenzie Spears-Moore is one of our vet techs. She’s better known around the clinic as “Big Mack”. She’s been at the clinic for a little over 2 years. Mackenzie has always been infatuated with animals, rather it be a fluffy faced pup or a cold blooded reptile. Growing up she had a collection of pets: a leopard gecko, a box turtle, even peacocks and turkeys. She is married to Andrew Moore & they currently own five dogs (Goose, Moe, Bonnie, Oakley, and Lemon) and two cats (Hallow and Boo). When she’s not at the clinic, she typically can be found at home reading on the porch, while her dogs play in the yard